• Fees are listed per sample for university clients. Industry clients should request a quote.
  • Note sample preparation charges below.
  • Contact us for a project cost estimate. Please inquire about volume discounts.
  • Prices subject to change.

Metals Analysis

Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (PE Elan 9000)
Single element (EPA metals quantitative analysis) $15
Up to 6 elements $20
Up to 8 elements $25
Up to 12 elements $35
Up to 15 elements $40
If any of the above includes mercury +$5
Custom analyses including metal and metalloid speciation using IC-ICP-MS Please Inquire


Carbon, Nitrogen & Sulfur Analysis

Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur on solid samples (dry combustion, Leco 2000)
Total carbon and nitrogen $15
Total carbon, nitrogen and sulfur $20
Separate inorganic carbon measurement $15
Soluble carbon (liquid samples, Shimadzu DOC analyzer)
Total dissolved carbon $15
Total inorganic dissolved carbon $15
Total dissolved organic carbon (subtraction procedure) $25
Spectrophotometric analysis for either:
Soluble ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or phosphate $10


Ion Chromatography Analysis (Dionex LC system)

Basic anions in water samples for F, SO4, NO3, Cl, PO4 $15
Custom anion and/or cation mixtures Please inquire


Organic Analyses (Hewlett-Packard 5890/6890 GC’s)

Volatile compounds by purge-&-trap with MS detection
BTEX, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in water samples $75
BTEX, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in solid samples $100
Semi-volatile classes (Pesticides, PCB’s, PAH’s,.. etc) Please inquire
Mass Spectrometric Screening of Unknown Organics $100
Gasoline and diesel profile scan $60
Gasoline / diesel hydrocarbons using SIM $100
Oils / fats and fatty acid analysis Please inquire


Organic Analyses (Varian 4000 GC/MS/MS)

BSTFA Derivatization and Analysis using Selected Ion Monitoring
Sterols, sex hormones, paclobutrazole, propiconazole Please inquire


Soil Characterization

General Characterization
Surface area analysis (BET method) $50
Particle size analysis (sand / silt / clay, hydrometer method) $35
Cation exchange capacity (sum of Ca, Mg, Na, K, Al) $35
pH or EC of 5:1 soil:water paste $5
Clay Mineralogy Studies
X-ray diffraction identification of clay minerals (bulk analysis) $100
X-ray diffraction (Fine clay mineral analysis) $300


Sample Preparation

Drying and grinding (soils, rocks, plant tissue) $5
Microwave assisted nitric acid for solid samples (EPA 3052) $25
Microwave-assisted nitric acid for liquid samples (EPA 3015) $20
If hydrofluoric acid is included in the digestion medium +$5
Filtration (liquid samples, 0.45 micron) $5
Other extractants (including sequential extraction) Please inquire
Extraction of samples for organics analysis Please inquire


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