• Fees are listed per sample for university clients. Industry clients should request a quote.
  • Note sample preparation charges below.
  • Contact us for a project cost estimate. Please inquire about volume discounts.
  • Prices subject to change.

Metals Analysis

Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
Single element 20
Up to 6 elements25
Up to 8 elements30
Up to 12 elements35
Up to 15 elements40
If any of the above includes mercury5
Custom analyses including metal and metalloid speciation using IC-ICP-MSPlease Inquire

Carbon, Nitrogen & Sulfur Analysis

Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur on dissolved samples
Soluble carbon (liquid samples, Shimadzu DOC analyzer)
Total dissolved carbon10
Total inorganic dissolved carbon10
Total dissolved organic carbon (subtraction procedure)20
Spectrophotometric analysis for either:
Soluble ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or phosphate10

Ion Chromatography Analysis (Dionex LC system)

Basic anions in water samples for F, SO4, NO3, Cl, PO415
Custom anion and/or cation mixturesPlease inquire

Organic Analyses (Hewlett-Packard 5890/6890 GC’s)

Volatile compounds by purge-&-trap with MS detection
BTEX, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in water samples75
BTEX, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in solid samples100
Semi-volatile classes (Pesticides, PCB’s, PAH’s,.. etc)Please inquire
Mass Spectrometric Screening of Unknown Organics100
Gasoline and diesel profile scan60
Gasoline / diesel hydrocarbons using SIM100
Oils / fats and fatty acid analysisPlease inquire

Soil Characterization

General Characterization
Particle size analysis (sand / silt / clay, hydrometer method)35
Cation exchange capacity (sum of Ca, Mg, Na, K, Al)35
pH or EC of 5:1 soil:water paste5
Clay Mineralogy Studies
X-ray diffraction identification of clay minerals (bulk analysis)150
X-ray diffraction (Fine clay mineral analysis)400

Sample Preparation

Drying and grinding (soils, rocks, plant tissue)5
Microwave assisted nitric acid for solid samples (EPA 3052)25
Microwave-assisted nitric acid for liquid samples (EPA 3015)25
If hydrofluoric acid is included in the digestion medium30
Filtration (liquid samples, 0.45 micron)5
Other extractants (including sequential extraction)Please inquire
Extraction of samples for organics analysisPlease inquire